Pocket Knife Coozy - Basketball

Pocket Knife Coozy - Basketball

All of our products are made-to-order in our own small factory in San Francisco. Production leadtime is typically 2-3 business days (excluding holidays, Saturdays and Sundays). Some custom orders may take a little longer. Thanks for your support!

We found a small amount of this basketball vinyl in our fabric archives — just enough for a few pen sleeves and knife Coozies — and just in time for the NBA Championships grand finale.

Here at Rickshaw, we have a simple philosophy about protecting your precious EDC gear — EVERY TOOL DESERVES ITS OWN PLUSH CASE.

Some people don't mind the "patina" of everyday use, but here at Rickshaw we like to protect our precious gear from the daily rough and tumble. Our plush-lined sleeves, cases and rolls are designed to keep your gear in pristine, scratch-free, fresh-from-the-maker condition. That's why we make the softest cases on the planet.

Slip it in a plush Coozy before you slip in in your pocket, purse or bag!

You collect 'em, we protect 'em.

Made by US. Made in USA. All of our products are made-by-hand and made-to-order in our own workshop in San Francisco.

Knife Coozy Size Guide:

  • Extra Short (XS) for knives up to 3.25” long (e.g. WESN Henry, SAK Cadet)
  • Short (S) for knives up to 3.75” long (e.g. Boker Slip Joint, SAK Pioneer X)
  • Medium (M) for knives up to 4.25” long
  • Long (L) for knives up to 4.75” long
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