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Diplomat Organizer


No, it's not a pocket protector! It's a handy EDC (everyday carry) organizer for your pocket notebook, passport, pens and cards. Slip it in your back pocket or drop it in your bag.

Our DIPLOMAT Organizer is a perfect companion for travel and on-the-go journaling, drawing and doodling. Made from our waterproof xPac sail cloth, the Diplomat is compact and lightweight. The center pocket holds one or two pocket notebooks. A second outside pocket can hold your passport or a third notebook, and also contains our handy plastic sleeve for "scraps" (business cards, receipts, photos, stamps, stickers, emergency money, etc.). Outside slots are configured for either a single pen plus business cards, or three pens.

  • • Two styles: 3-pen or 1-pen (plus cards)

  • • Both styles fit two 3.5" x 5.5" pocket notebooks plus passport (or third notebook)

  • • Center pocket fits two 3.5" x 5.5" pocket notebooks

  • • Back pocket fits one US passport, spiral memo pad or second 3.5" x 5.0"/5.5" pocket notebook

  • • 1-pen version includes lasercut polypro sleeve in front card slot for easy access to business/credit cards

  • • Both versions include plastic sleeve for storing paper money, receipts, collected business cards and other ephemera

Each Diplomat Organizer is made-to-order in our own shop, right here in San Francisco.

NOTE: Choose STYLE first, then COLOR

Sewn in 2-5 daysSewn in 2-5 days

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