Jason is a freelance lettering artist and graphic designer with a penchant for all things old and ornate living in rural Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania.  In his near decade of experience, he's designed everything from magazine covers, t-shirts, wine labels, full branding packages and now our Tshirt line!

We reached out to him to catch up, and get the 411 on his design life: 


What is your favorite type of medium? 

Pen and ink is undoubtedly my favorite medium to work with, its guaranteed to give a more unique and custom feel to it than digital work can provide. You can be more expressive, free-flowing, and fluid with a pen than with a stylus, there is a certain satisfaction I get from slight imperfections and knowing that the design I create can never duplicated or replicated exactly as I've created it.

When did you decide to start doing art professionally?

 I began my art career right after a short-lived college life in Boston where I initially planned on being an architectural engineer. I left Massachusetts to head back home to New Jersey and I began designing logos, websites, album covers, concert fliers for local metal and hardcore bands. Eventually I found my way into merchandise designs and began working with larger touring musicians and groups, but found my true passion in lettering years later. I would say I have just under a decade of professional experience currently, but my lettering career began less 5 years ago.

What is your favorite SF neighborhood?

 I have never been to San Fransisco, so I couldn't say. However I plan on visiting sometime soon and I'm sure the answer would land on whatever neighborhood was least filled with tourists such as myself - seeing a city for what it really is, and how the people really live in that location is always more interesting to me than just hitting the normal destinations everyone seeks out.

How did you come about working with us?

Mark Dwight approached me after finding my work on Dribbble, which is a website that has been instrumental in building my career to the point it is at today. He initially contacted me about designing a patch for your Amazing Reflective Tweed which was actually something I had seen before ever speaking with Mark and I thought it was a brilliant concept on Kickstarter. I'm very grateful to have been brought into the fold at Rickshaw Bagworks and to have been asked to create as many designs as I have. Mark has trusted to me to in some part shape the way the company is represented (visually speaking) through my work, and it's been one of the greatest pleasures of my career to do so.