3-Pen Coozy - Invictus

3-Pen Coozy - Invictus

GOOD NEWS! We have resumed production of all products. Our current production leadtime is 4-6 business days (excluding holidays, Saturdays and Sundays). Some custom orders may take a little longer. Thanks for your support!

Here at Rickshaw, we have a simple philosophy about protecting your precious pens — EVERY PEN DESERVES ITS OWN PLUSH PEN SLOT — Pampered In Plush, No Touching, Clips In, Nibs Up!

We are pleased to offer our 3-Pen Coozy featuring the "Invictus" fountain pen artwork by @pensivecandy. "Invictus" is the name of an inspiring poem about conquering adversity, by English poet, William Ernest Henley, which concludes with the lines, "I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul."

Our 3-Pen Plush Coozy is simple, soft and flexible. No flap, no elastic, no velcro, quick access — but still secure (as long as you don't shake it violently upside down). Like all of our pen storage products, the Coozy is lined with our super-soft Royal Plush™ to protect and pamper your precious pens. Our 2-Pen and 3-Pen Coozies nest neatly in our padded, zip-shut Coozy Case.

We make the softest pen sleeves, cases, and rolls on the planet!

Made in USA. Everything made-to-order in our own SF workshop.

Coozy Size Guide:

  • Medium (M) for pens up to 5.5”
  • Long (L) for pens up to 6”
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