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Rolltop Backpack

5/5 stars (2)
$199 Ships in 14-16 days
•Height: 27''
Width (base): 13"
•Width (top): 15"
Depth: 6"
Volume (Approx): 2106 cubic inches

Key Features:
Enormous size, deluxe padded shoulder straps, 2 layers of super rugged Cordura® Nylon, reflective R-Dot label.

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Made in San Francisco

About Labworks:

At Rickshaw, we're constantly developing products in the "lab" but only a fraction of our products actually make it from lab to factory. It's a long process to develop a concept into a full fledged Rickshaw product - and  we've learned that our best ideas don't make it down the pipeline without feedback and research from our fans and customers. Labworks is where you come in! These extremely custom hand-crafted products are made by our proto-type sewer one at a time. Made especially for you in our own San Francisco workshop, you'll be owning a one-of-a-kind product with the same quality and lifetime guarentee that you expect from a Rickshaw Product. 


We Want Your Feedback:

We believe that crowd sourcing ideas from our fans about what make Rickshaw products great has been paramount to our success since the beggining. For those lukcy enough to have walked into our San Francisco factory and store, you've probably experienced this first hand. With a gamut of in-store only products, fabrics and modifications we can bring custom to a whole new level. With Labworks, we wanted to bring that experience to our fans all over the world. The beauty of Labworks is that it gives us real customer insight and input for the next generation of bags, sleeves and portage. Tell us your pros, cons and must-haves for all your favorite hand-crafted products. We'll encorporate your feedback into the next round of refinements for every Labworks product. 


Exterior: Black Cordura® Nylon
Interior: Steel Cordura® Nylon


Cordura® brand nylon is the classic “backpack” fabric used for durable packs and messenger bags for over thirty years. The fabric is woven in the United States, is extremely durable, machine washable and should last you a lifetime.


Pick Your Fabric:

Labworks allows us to rapidly launch product ideas and prototypes on the web. As soon as we think a concept is ready for launch, it's merely a flick of a switch and bit of magic to make it available to our fans worldwide. And although you won't be able to preview it in our customizer with a variety of fabrics, rest assured that we'll be more than happy switch out the fabrics with any you desire. Just leave us a note in the Comments section of the Shopping Cart while checking out. Have any questions, comments or concerns you want to address before committing? Just email our awesome customer service staff for the full treatment: