Customized Commuter 2.1 Laptop Bag

Review for Customized Commuter 2.1 Laptop Bag

April 1st, 2013 at 12:59 PM

Jeremy Ramey – Verified Buyer

Pros: Attractive, Comfortable, Easy to use, Lightweight, Spacious
Cons: -

Researching products before I buy them - reading user reviews, watching youtube videos, researching ratings from professional companies - is fun for me. When I knew I wanted a new bag, I started with about 10 different brands and narrowed it down to 4 - Mission Workshop, Rickshaw, Chrome Buran and Timbuk2. I ultimately went with Rickshaw and couldn't be more pleased.

I love that the look of the bag is customizable. Picking the bag's fabric textures and colors was fun. My bag is mine alone and doesn't look like something everyone else has. It has tons of pockets to store just about anything you could need from pens to kleenexes to dental floss. There's a lot of storage. I'm a concert pianist, music director and conductor. Currently I have two scores - each about 400 pages - in my bag, and I still have room for my piano tuning equipment and iPad. It's very nice that it stands by itself without having to lean up against something. The magnets to close it quickly and quietly are very nice. The strap doesn't get twisted and has nice padding - it's quite comfortable to wear. It's American made, a big bonus for me. All that and it's just one nice looking bag.

As for customer service, I placed my order over the weekend failing to realize that I hadn't filled out the street address for where it was to be shipped. On Monday, I had received an email from Katie, their director of operations, pointing out my omission. I replied back with the proper address. By that afternoon, she had replied thanking me (!) for my quick response. Awesome.

I write reviews quite often and try to be fair and balanced in my experience with a product. I can tell you in no uncertain terms I couldn't be more pleased with my bag... I really couldn't. This bag and this company gets my highest recommendation.

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