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Review for Standard Commuter Laptop Bag | Tweed Stout

August 18th, 2011 at 5:56 AM

James McAnally – Verified Buyer

Pros: Attractive, Comfortable, Easy to use, Lightweight, Spacious
Cons: -

For years I struggled to find the "perfect" bag to carry my laptop, portable HD, ereader and all my other stuff. I must've bought seven or different bags/backpacks and I was never fully satisfied until I bought my Rickshaw bag. It has all the right compartments, pockets, sleeve and space. It's stylish and attractive but isn't flashy. I don't want a bag that screams "hey, potential thieves -- there's a laptop in me!" I plan on keeping and using this one till it falls apart which, judging by its quality, won't be anytime soon.

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