Customized Large Zero Messenger

Customized Large Zero Messenger



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August 17th, 2012 at 2:48 PM

Ben – Verified Buyer

Pros: Attractive, Comfortable, Easy to use, Spacious
Cons: -

Thanks for making a great bag!

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August 7th, 2014 at 7:57 PM

Dorothy Brutlag – Verified Buyer

Pros: -
Cons: Heavy, Uncomfortable

I have a small frame. It is too heavy for me. I wish I had ordered the smaller one. The strap does not fit well and I can't shorten it any more.

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January 4th, 2013 at 3:40 PM

Michelle – Verified Buyer

Pros: Attractive, Lightweight, Spacious
Cons: -

My bag is great - super lightweight which is a HUGE plus. Of course it is pretty big, so it can get heavy fast. I wish the strap could adjust to be a little longer and when it is full, it is a little challenging to maneuver. Would also love an option for a zipper on the inside, just for peace of mind, but I will be ordering the zipper pocket and hope that will make a difference for those things I am most concerned about.

I ordered the sail material and it is a little stiff, but very cool looking.

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April 5th, 2012 at 8:37 AM

Elie Ruderman – Verified Buyer

Pros: Attractive, Comfortable, Easy to use, Lightweight, Minimalistic, Spacious
Cons: -

The Rickshaw Large Zero messenger is the best casual bag I have ever owned. And I have owned dozens of bags, including messenger bags made by other San Francisco manufacturers.

I was looking for a large bag that would allow me to carry a laptop, a few books and maybe an extra t-shirt and toothbrush to school and back. I wanted something fun but understated. I also wanted a solid bag that would last forever.

The Rickshaw Zero is sturdy, comfortable, minimalistic, light and well designed. It does not look technical like other messenger bags. There are no bells and whistles. I think a well-designed product is a product that does not interfere with its intended use. The Rickshaw Zero fits that definition perfectly. It looks great, too!

I was skeptical about the “ears” where the straps are attached. It turns out they are a very clever feature. They allow the bag to “hug” your back when the bag is worn messenger-style. This is especially useful when you are on a bicycle.

If you are hesitating between a medium and a large, I would go with the large. It’s better to have a little extra space. Besides, the bag fits and looks just fine even if it is not filled completely. The colors were exactly as expected.

I would get the waterproof liner, because you never know and it’s only an extra ten bucks. I also recommend the buckles because I wanted to be able to close the bag securely. I did not order any of the other accessories.

Customer support was helpful, patient and had a great sense of humor.

It would be great if you made a ballistic nylon version!

The Rickshaw Zero Large will surely become my favorite travel companion.

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September 21st, 2014 at 5:40 AM

Michael McCormack – Verified Buyer

Pros: Attractive, Bulletproof, Easy to use, Spacious
Cons: Heavy

I've owned my bag for about five months now and have subjected it to a regime of daily abuse, largely because it never seemed to mind. I've packed it with 12kg of sharp-cornered contents for a two-hour walk, I've filled it with blood-dripping meat and frozen ice-cream bars, and I've lugged 50 light bulbs across a city to see what would happen.

Short version: if you're prepared to put up with a bag that can carry enough weight to bruise your shoulder, this is the one to buy. Not a single stitch had stretched after an hour with 12.5kg inside; anything organic can be wiped from the waterproof lining (an option I'd recommend highly, although cold things seem to attract uncanny amounts of condensation); huge volumes of groceries, books and work tools can be made to disappear into it. Service from Rickshaw was superb, even when an missing part of my order had to be sent to China.

Cautionary notes: don't treat the strap pad as optional if you're planning to carry heavy weights - it makes a huge difference to comfort. If you feel certain you're likely to use the drop pocket, consider getting the extra velcro pad installed and buying two of them - I'm now planning to, mostly because the large volume of the bag makes having a permanent place for small things all the more important.

Things I wish were different: only one side of the strap is adjustable. I tend to wear my bag cross-shouldered, with the flap facing in (I live in a big city, where pickpocketing on crowded subways happens.) It's extremely difficult for me (175cms, 75kg) to get the strap adjusted to a comfortable length without the strap adjuster digging into my ribs. If both sides were adjustable, it would be easy. In a really ideal world, the bag would be reversible, so my safety orange lining would be more visible to drivers and I could still turn up at clients' offices without looking like a duck hunter. By now, the only thing I miss about my 13 year old Timbuk2 is the exterior pocket that held a water bottle.

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