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Halo Strip for Medium Zero Messenger

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$39 Ships in 7-10 days

You can now attach the HALO illuminated strip to anything and everything, especially one of our Medium or Large Zero Messengers. Each strip comes with the loop-side velcro of the strip that can be attached to virtually anything you'd like!


• Available in Red, Green, Blue, Yellow 
• Fully removable 
• Customizable to your own color preference
• Batteries last 20 hours on Solid mode
• Batteries last up 60-75 non-consecutive hours on Flash modes 

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Overall rating based on 2 reviews

Made in San Francisco

How does HALO ZERO illuminate? A custom patented LED thermoplastic polyurethane fiber-optic strip is attached by Velcro to the messenger bag. The "HALO" is powered by two standard CR2025 batteries.  There are three modes of illumination: Strobe, Flash, and Solid.

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